2020 Guitar Music

Anji (mp3)

Gulaga (mp3)

2016 The River Flows

Three Lines Deep (mp3)

2012 Into The Blues

So Many Roads (mp3)

Sunset Blues (mp3)

2010 Return of the Travelling Fingerpicker (Blackmarket Music)

Pecan Pie Blues (mp3)

I Will (mp3)

Lily Was Here (mp3)


2008 Closer To Home (Blackmarket Music)

New Memphis Blues (mp3)

In The Light (mp3)

You Can't Change a Thing (Vocal) (mp3)

One Too Many Mornings (Vocal) (mp3)

2005 'New Kind of Feeling' (Blackmarket Music)

Down at the Emma Chase (mp3)

The Path of Least Resistance (Vocal) (mp3)

Ribcracker (mp3)

2004 'Travelling Fingerpicker' (Blackmarket Music)

St Jude Rag (mp3)

Breakfast At Winfield (mp3)

Ship to Shore (rm)

2002 'Grace Notes' (Blackmarket Music)

Everybody Sleeps But Me (Vocal) (mp3)

The Old Link Road (mp3)

Sometimes the Way is Clear (mp3)

2000 'My Place' (Blackmarket Music)

Dusty Ribbon (rm) | mp3 (Also on Solid Air - The Collection )

Both Sides Now (rm) | (mp3)

Bibury Court (rm) | (Also on Solid Air - The Collection )

Windy and Warm (rm) | (mp3)